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What's the essence of Mother's day for May 12, 2014 footnote to Happy Mother's day with quotes messages and pick up lines this 2013. According to wikipedia, the celebration of Mother's Day in the Philippines will be this coming May 12, 2013 on the second Sunday of this month. So with this regard, our country's celebration for Mother's Day is fast approaching and this is at the end of this week particularly on Sunday. Would you have any gifts or something to give to our beloved mother? You may ask, when will be the celebration of Mother's Day in the Philippines?

pick up lines for our mother

Many Filipinos like us like to give some gifts to our parents either to our mother and father or both and it's a traditional way of showing them that we love them and care for them. I hope it so, but if have a hard time giving some gifts to them, especially due to some reasons like time constraints, far away from home due to work distances, or budgeting on daily's expenses, or maybe you are a student. There are still ways on how to greet them a "Happy Mother's Day" from the bottom of our hearts. Can you guess some ways to keep them in touch and show the love and care for them even in this coming holiday for our moms? What if, you are working away from your home and there's no way you can visit to her due to extra amount of work load that needs amount of time to finish it overtime according to your boss? But this case is not for all of us. Are you facing all over in you PC at 8 hours and more in work or not? This is the time that you have to do searches like how to greet my mom in other way, happy mothers day greetings, or any keywords that you type in the search engine hoping for "Happy Mother's Day Quotes Messages and Pick Up Lines in Tagalog Version".

To make this way comes true, exactly you can greet your parents through texting them or calling them via phone with a big hug saying your message "Happy Mother's Day, Mom and I Love you..". Or you can tweet with them if they have access on the internet on have twitter account of course. Or message them via facebook if they have also an account for it. For me the best way, is to give them some quotes of greetings that relates to the Happy Mother's Day theme. And its easy to do it, for our modern way as a trend, you could give them pick up lines for our beloved mother. Also you can give them a picture depicting a happy mother's day just what you saw above this characters.

That's it, don't forget that the celebration of Mother's Day will be this coming Sunday of the week. Please don't take that for granted because that day will celebrate once a year as the day for our Mothers. Show them the care and love like giving back the love and care that they did for us until now.

So, just in case, here's the Quotes, Messages and Pick Up Lines for our Mom (mother, nanay, ina) which most of them are made in tagalog language or english as long as it is.

Pick UP Lines for our Mother:

Anak: Ma, Tatay ka ba?
Mama: Bakit?
Anak: Kase kahit wala si Tatay... Kayang kaya mong gawin lahat para amin..

Boy: Calculator ka ba?
Mama: Bakit?
Boy: Bilang mo kase ang budget natin sa pang-araw araw eh..

Quotes and Messages for our Mother:

Sa lahat ng sakripisyo…
Sa lahat ng pag-aaruga…
Sa lahat ng pagmahal…
Tunay na walang makapapantay sayo.

Dakila ang lahat ng mga ina.
Ang kanilang trabaho araw-araw ay di magagawa ninuman.
Ang kanilang pagmamahal ay dalisay at tapat.

I hope you enjoy reading those Quotes, Messages, and Pick up Lines for our mother as they will be celebrating the Hppy Mother's day this coming Sunday. You can share some of those to your friends so that they can share it with their moms, too. If you have one, you can post some messages and quotes in the facebook comment form below. Thanks and Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Happy mother's day every one!

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