Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Results, Winners, Coronation, Awards | 05/19/2013

Congratulations to Angelee delos Reyes who is the winner of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Grand Finals Results.

Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Results

How exciting is the event of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 which will be having the final results, grand winners, and latest updates? The Miss Philippines Earth will be held on May 19, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines. So better watch out this one of the prestigious beauty pageant and most recognize pageant in our Philippine country through the years. In this scenario, we can give you right here the latest updates of Miss Philippines 2013 including its results, awards, ceremony, winners and all of those latest updates of this beauty pageant.

Here are the Awarda and Winners of Miss Philippines Earth 2013:

Angelee delos Reyes (Grand winner) - Miss Philippines Earth 2013
Kimverlyn Suiza (1st-runner up) - Miss Philippines Air 2013
Nancy Leonard - Miss Philippines Water 2013
Alma Cabasal - Miss Philippines Fire 2013
Bernadette Mae Aguirre - Miss ECO-tourism 2013

Angelee Claudett delos Reyes was crowned winner and will now be the country’s bet for Miss Earth 2013. Congratulations to all the winners!

There are 48 ladies are vying for the title of Miss Philippines Earth. Who do you think will inherit the throne from reigning queen Stephany Dianne Stefanowitz? Stephany Stefanowitz is the winner of Miss Philippines Earth 2012 will crown her successor at the end of the pageant. Unexpected and surprises will be happening this coming May 19 at night of Mall of Asia Arena. There will be results, special awards, and many other spectacular things need to eye on. What question would you like to ask the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Top Ten finalists? Let us know in the comments below through facebook comment form. Ask them them as you were the ambassador of Philippines Miss Earth for 2013.

This pageant will likely to serve as the Ambassador to environmental protection campaigns in the country, and represent the Philippines in Miss Earth 2013. There are now the results of MPE Online Photogenic Voting Winners; first place awarded to Nancy Leonard, second place goes to Darian Bajade, and third was Darlen May Reyes. These are not official entry, this is just an online vote.

You better check out the profiles and cast your vote for Best in Cultural Costume, Best in Swimwear, and Miss Photogenic. The Miss Philippines Earth 2013 pageant will happen on May 19, Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. It will be aired over ABS-CBN and organized by Carousel Productions. Live streaming sites are preparing for this to happen, you can search them all during the grand play of MPE 2013.

Here's the list of the 47 (1 contestant withdrawn from pageant) official delegates of Miss Philippines Earth 2012 representing from their places in our Philippine Country. Check them out, you might know them at least one beautiful contestant in your place. Cheer them up!

1 Alyssa Marie Villarico 21
2 Mira-Mae Dimmerling 20
3 Jessa Marie Jane Cariaga 18
4 Dianne Mae Jamero 18
5 Jannie Loudette Alipo-on 20
6 Kristia Kaye Nable 19
7 Eva Eunice Reinoso 18
8 Dianne Tongol 21
9 Teffanie Lene Llamada 23
10 Liza Rose Dancalan 22
11 Marie-Antonette Carbon 21
12 Alma Cabasal 25
13 Sharmaine Reyes 19
14 Athina Karla Chia 24
15 Katherine Dominique Lagrimas 23
16 Karla Patricia Alas 21
17 Casey Ann Austria 21
18 Jillian Kristin Deveza 23
19 Aura Donna Garon 22
20 Crisalda Catipay 20
21 Alyanna Andrea Amistad 20
22 Maretony Baldoza 20
23 Caneille Faith Santos 24
24 Kristel Suizo 21
25 Kimverlyn Suiza 24
26 Harriene Banaybanay 19
27 Angelee Claudett delos Reyes 25
28 Mevelyn Villamor 24
29 Kimberly Tristine Ledesma 19
30 Chriscember Joy Nuñez 23
31 Nickylyn Cardoza 19
32 Sarah Jireh Asido 22
33 Maria Kristine Tablazon 24
34 Glady Santa Teresa 18
35 Lullete Jane Ramilo 20
36 Janine Asanion 24
37 Darian Bejade 19
38 Darlene May Reyes 19
39 Kristine Gail Sandoval 20
40 Bernadette Mae Aguirre 20
41 Lucena Rose Magdadaro 21
42 Joanne Jane Janson 21
43 Charmaine Hernandez 18
44 Maria Eliza Zosa 25
45 Kristel Guelos 20
46 Marie Bernadette Meneses 21
47 Nancy Leonard 22

The one who withdrawn from the said pageant was Ferina Juny-Ann de Paz of Metro Manila due to health reason. The one who will be crowned and emerge as the winner of Miss Philippines Earth of that night will be the one to represent our own country in the Miss Earth international pageant in this year 2013. In which she will serve as the ambassador to environmental protection campaigns in the Philippines. The results and awards will be updated in real-time time basis. So before this end, choose your most beautiful and by far best mind because this is beauty and brains who will win and become victorious of Miss Philippines Earth 2013.

We encourage you to support your candidate or your chosen candidate as of now . Select for Best in Cultural Costume, Best in Swimwear, Miss Photogenic and even the top 32, top 16, top 8, until top 5, and until the grand winner who will get the crown in her head as the countdown is down to 1 day. Please have time to share this moment of truth in social media like facebook and twitter to encourage others to support this year's pageant for Miss Philippines Earth 2013. More updates.

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