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Happy labour day everyone! Do you notice that, this post has no title? Yes it is, not just because I want to, no one could dare to write a certain article on their own that has no title. This hasn't another paragraph too. Maybe, when I'll be back in front of my pc, I'll be fixing these little things for a reason or let it be for no wrong. To all the readers, subscribers, and followers of this blog forcefully or accidentally, I am proud to let know all of you that this is my first post after a week of total make-over for this site. From a template to some uncommon codes and not easy I believe this required a lot of time and effort afterall, I made it. The title of this post must be and I think, pinoythinking is back and now ready to sail again. Since it can't be on opera mini browser for android phone which blogger function not so well on this opera, so, it made me realized someday opera mini on android will be having no problem at all. Just wanna say thank to all who visites this blog from past until this time, I hope you have notice that this site has evolve even from the beginning up to this present and in the future as this will survive on its cost. Visitors, you are truly worthy to say you are welcome as im saying thanks to you. Labor day is holiday and meant special day for me since finishing my last hurrah of this site spicing up and I hope this would not be the last and also to you as my visitor. Thanks once again, and allow me to say 3 things in life from sir Chinkee Tan, first, "know your purpose", then, "maximize your purpose", after all, "gave away your purpose,". -pinoythinking

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