Ponce De Leon vs Mares Full Video Replay and Highlights

Watch the Ponce De Leon vs Mares Fight full video replay including highlights where Abner Mares won the fight against Daniel Ponce De Leon. Abner Mares took the WBC featherweight title from Daniel Ponce De Leon and become the new WBF featherweight Champion of the world. Congratulations to Mares!

Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Abner Mares
Ponce De Leon vs Mares video
The Ponce De Leon - Mares fight is the co-main event of the Mayweather vs Guerrero Fight. Abner came out the victor tonight by defeating Daniel Ponce De Leon en route to 9th round TKO and improved his undefeated record to 26 wins and 14 KO's while Ponce De Leon stayed at 44 wins and has now 5 losses in his boxing professional record. If could see the fight based in replays, it was a back and forth battle between the two Mexican Boxers at stake. From round 1, Ponce De Leon is busy with his 1 and 2 punch combination while back-pedaled for sometimes but for Mares who has the heart and intellect in the ring, he analyzed the style of De Leon until such time he can take some of his shots. I can say it was a tough fight between the two but until round 8, De Leon starting to be in defensive mode where Mares has now the advantage of going in and out. Until in round 9, Abner Mares scored a knockdown and unleashed a fury of solid shots to Daniel Ponce De Leon forcing the referee to stop the fight. Abner Mares declared the winner of the fight.

That's all for Abner Mares versus Daniel Ponce De Leon fight this night of May 4, 2013. I hope you enjoy watching this video. Until next time and updates.

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