Ricky Burns vs Jose Gonzalez Video Replay and Highlights

Ricky Burns won and defeated Jose Gonzalez with fight video replay highlights and defended his WBO lightweight title. Congratulations to Rick Burns of United Kingdom for winning against Jose Gonzalez of Puerto Rico. Ricky Burns added his wins o 36 wins with 2 losses while Jose Gonzalez suffered his only defeat on his professional career and remains with 22 wins and a loss. The win is when Jose Gonzalez retired after round 9, in this caused, RTD - referee technical decision has been sued.

Ricky Burns vs Jose Gonzalez
Burns vs. Gonzalez full video replay
Ricky Burns retains world title after José González retires hurt. Ricky Burns has took all his courage and overcome the tough beating the force the former undefeated and knockout artist José González of Puerto Rico quitting after round 9 of fighting. A very exciting battle with back and forth punch by punch after the two receiving some blows that is so hard. Eventhough, Burns' nose was bloodied in the early rounds having the challenger materializing his success via two by two attacks towards the end of the round. Many boxing analysts that Jose Gonzalez is leading on scorecards and dominated the fight until seven rounds against Ricky Burns but he quits that makes the crowd and commentator in shock after nine rounds where doubts and why(?) questions from the fans are in their heads. Through this, Burns is so thankfull that made him successfully defended his WBO lightweight title.
It was just a stunning moment on why Jose Gonzalez is retiring after 9 rounds. Gonzalez' camp stated the main reason was a broken left hand. If not, Gonzalez will continue to 12 rounds dominating the fight and will be awarded as the new WBO lightweight title but in his part, he is unlucky to be the new WBO lightweight champion. There must be a rematch for Gonzalez is deserving for having a rematch on this fight with Ricky Burns.

Let's watch the Video Replay and Highlights of Ricky Burns versus Jose Gonzalez Fight when there is available. Don't worry I will update this Burns vs Gonzalez Video REplay and Highlights if there's available as soon as possible, you can visit this back and thank you for your patience.

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