Vic Darchinyan vs. Javier Gallo Video Replay and Highlights

Vic Darchinyan vs Javier Gallo in the main event at Uni-Trade Stadium, Laredo, Texas, USA (UniMas) on May 11, 2013 with Darchinyan vs Gallo video replay and highlights will be posted once available. The raging bull Darchinyan showed an impressive fight results when he stopped Javier Gallo via 4th round TKO. Congratulations to Vic Darchinyan for winning again the exceptional beauty of sweet science.

Vic Darchinyan vs. Javier Gallo
Darchinyan vs Gallo full video replay
Vic Darchinyan improved his wins to 39 with 5 losses by defeating Javier Gallo in a 4thround TKO while Gallo continued his losing streak with 7 losses and 18 wins. I think Javier Gallo is no more competitive enough to fight those elite boxers like Vic Darchinyan. In the early rounds, it was a tough back and fourth battle but in round 4 Darchinyan staggers Gallo and awarded Darchinyan a 4th round TKO en route to 26 seconds time remaining in 4th round. Darchinyan gave Gallo a knock down four times in the fight where 3 times in the 2nd round and a final knockdown in the 4th round which leads to TKO victory for Darchinyan. I hope we can find the full video replay and highlights of Darchinyan vs Gallo fight as soon as possible considering that this is an impressive skills displayed by Vic Darchinyan in this fight.

This battle is supposed to be scheduled in 10 rounds fighting on a super bantamweight division. Darchinyan would expect to get back his status as a top challenger in his division. He is a step away to get a title shot against WBC super bantamweight champion Victor Terrazas even though he was stunned for sometime against the little known Gallo but still he displayed another limelight of sweet science. Here's the other fight resulst of the under cards; Radames Montes draws Martinez Porter, Adam Lopez defeated Manuel Rubalcava via UD and Rolando Garza defeated Roberto Lara via UD.

About the performance of Vic Darchinyan, he showed some of his determination on finishing Gallo in an impressive way. Let's see the full video replay and highlights of Darchinyan vs JAvier Gallo when there's already available.

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