Before Showbiz Jessie Mendiola reveals her tough life

Good reputation didn’t even traverse the brain of then 14-year-old Jessy Mendiola when she connected celebrity Magic’s workshop back in 2007 together with her older sister. But it seems it was her destiny to become Philippine television’s next large-scale celebrity because out of the many aspiring, juvenile gifts in her batch, she was the only one who apprehended the eye of celebrity maker Mr. Johnny Manahan.
“I can still recall Mr. M inquiring me ‘Gusto mo bang mag-artista?’ The clueless me back then answered, ‘Is it alright if pag-isipan ko po muna? Can you give me three days?’” Jessy explained.

She did think about it for three days and after considering the matter with her mom and siblings, Jessy marked up with Star Magic, the country’s most prestigious creative person administration arm. But she did not state “yes” to Mr. M’s offer because she wanted to be an actress, but rather because she felt the need to be the family’s breadwinner.

“Life wasn’t easy for us particularly before I went into showbiz. I increased up without a father and it’s only my mom who’s employed to support our desires. I’ve experienced very strong times. I have skilled not having much. I even skilled consuming instant noodles for evening meal for many days,” she distributed.

Jessy was born in Dubai to a British-Lebanese father and a Filipina mom. She moved to the Philippines when her mom determined to start anew here. Jessy dwelled a life apart from her dad and increased up glimpsing her mom as both a mom and a father to her and her two siblings.

“My mom has been employed hard all her life. That’s why it was very easy for me to take a stand and unburden her of the blame of providing for our family,” she explained.

From being a easy high school student, Jessy’s life turned 360-degrees when she went into show enterprise and started acting on TV. Like any other increasing star, she went through a sequence of workshops and did secondary functions on various ABS-CBN programs. She remained long hours on the set, with only negligible talking lines. gradually, the reluctant star started to adopt her newfound passion, portraying.

“I have wise to love the craft and it inspired me to do better. I am employed not only to supply for my family, but because I have actually begun to enjoy acting. I realized that I actually desire to become a good actress,” Jessy revealed.

She remained patiently for her career to blossom until she finally got her large-scale shatter. In 2010, she was launched in her first name function as “Sabel,” a display that marked the starting of her reign as ABS-CBN’s next teleserye princess. Her attractiveness and premium as an actress were boosted after she did the TV sequence “Budoy” and after noon lather “Precious Hearts Romances Presents Paraiso” and starred in her first movie “The Reunion.”

Now tagged as one of Philippine television’s prettiest faces, Jessy has become one of the country’s fast-rising cover girls after being boasted on the covers of peak glossy magazines such as Metro, Chalk, Men’s wellbeing, Meg and Preview. She has furthermore verified to be a sought-after merchandise endorser after emblems Head and Shoulders, Myra E, Boardwalk, Bench and McDonalds tapped her to be their likeness form.

Bigger things await Jessy this year as she is set to reprise the role of Maria Mercedes performed by Mexican superstar Thalia back in the 90s.

“This is actually one of my dream functions. I increased up observing Maria Mercedes and I still can’t believe that I will really become the Pinay type of this feature loved by many Filipinos,” she said.

Just lately, celebrity Cinema also broadcast that Jessy is set to do a movie with John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, and Dawn Zulueta.

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