Charice Pempengco is a Lesbian - Confirmed!

International singer sensation Charice Pempengco confirmed that she is a lesbian (next to Aiza Seguerra as a singer) when she finally admitted on "The Buzz" interview by one of the popular host Boy Abunda. On Sunday of June 2, 2013 episode - Charice became submissive on the exclusive interview by the TV host expert Boy Abunda. When Boy Abunda asked Charice, "Charice, are you a lesbian?" Then, Charice replied 'Opo. Tomboy po ako [ Yes, I am lesbian]. This is kind of "The truth will set you free." Isn't it worthy?

Before the confrontation, thanks to Sir Boy Abunda for the historical feat. Charice became a talks, hot issues, and a subject for changing her femininity on the internet news, blogs, and social networking sites such as twitter, forum, and even facebook including pictures and videos as proof that Charice depicts to be a lesbian.

Charice Pempengco Lesbian images 2013

But no matter what, we will still support Charice Pempengco as the international singing sensation and nobody would dispute that. Supporters and fans will still love Charice for what she is right now even it's an official statement. Some portion of interviews that Boy Abunda and Charice talks about were Charice not denying that, "Opo. Tomboy ako. Hindi ko alam kung ano yung problema doon kasi para sa akin walang problema," - "The Buzz," Sunday, June 2. The most respected statement from Charice where she tried to apologize to her fans and supporters and hope for, "Ang dasal ko na sana eventually matanggap ako ng mga tao. Chasters, this is a new chapter. Welcome to my crazy life and enjoy the ride," while she ended this statement.

Before this was happened, there were already some rumors about the clarity of the international singer about being a lesbian in her own. You may visit this kind of rumors here. It started when Charice got a new hair style and try to look at this post. The last issue was Charice and Alyssa Quijano of X Factor Philippines in relationship rumor.

It was also a trending topic via twitter and facebook social networks as of this writing about Charice Pempengco being official a Lesbian (tomboy) and having a heart of a man. It truly does. Changing a whole lot. Become a man. With honor, pride, and humility.

Take a look the on video of the heartfelt and exclusive interview by Boy Abunda to Charice:

Charice is not a denial man in the interview...

I hope readers and fanbase will not be dismayed about what's the new Charice right now. All you have to the for the best of her, is to let her accept the fact about being a lesbian that she will welcome here new status chapter. Good luck, Charice!

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