Denver Cuello vs Xiong Zhao Zhong Video Replay Highlights

Shocking news updates of Cuello vs Zhong fight results. The Filipino Denver Cuello lost to Chinese Xiong Zhao Zhong via Majority Decision. Judges scorecards were 113-113, 112-115, and 110-113 (according to Boxrec) in favor of the Chinese Champion Xiong Zhao Zhong. The Chinese Champ retained his WBC minimumweight title at World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates last Friday, June 29, 2013. It was a tremendous fight but a struggling one hand for Cuello on the later rounds.

Denver Cuello fell his promise to be the world champion he was aiming and longing for years in a very tough battle against the smart and tough Chinese Xiong Zhao Zhong. Even though Cuello is the heavy favorite and scored a knockdown over his opponent but he wasn't able managed stopping his opponent. He even seems dominating the first 6 rounds but in later rounds, the tide changed on its shifts were Cuello was not using his right right hand and there were speculations that Cuello wearing that injured ellbow in his right hands but we haven't fully get the exact reason from his camp on why he is just using one hand beyond tough fights on the later rounds. Cuello scored a 1st round knockdown but due to apparent injury associated on his right hand, Cuello limited his punching on both hands that made him limiting his aggressiveness. Zhong noted as a wise boxer, using speed and volume punching that made some points while our Filipino Challenger Cuello keeps on surviving those rounds.

At 26, this is not the end of the road for Cuello to be a boxing champion someday if not this time. Cuello will be one of the Filipino Champions that fans hoped for.

That was one of the exciting match up fights and a fight to remember despite disappointing result. The fight results upsets the Filipino fans and boast the confidence of the future Chinese boxers in the boxing arena. This will be the first raise and breed of Chinese boxers that will be named in the future that they haven't known before.

The video replay and highlights of Denver Cuello vs Xiong Zhao Zhong will be posted right here whenever there is available video replay and highlights could be found.

Watch Denver Cuello and Xiong Zhao Zhong Fight and Highlights:

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