" Gusto kong mag-aral" a kabayan reports of Noli De Castro

Filipino students in built-up localities encounter the common problems of insufficient school rooms, textbooks, and educators every year.
But this does not compare to what public schoolchildren in isolated components of the homeland proceed through each day -- even at the peril of their health and lives — just to proceed to school.
On Sunday (June 23), veteran announced journalist “Kabayan” Noli de Castro presents “Kabayan accounts: Gusto Kong Mag-Aral,” a documentary that depicts the extracommonplace conclusion and dedication of these commonplace students to proceed to school in spite of life-and-death trials that avert get access to to rudimentary and value education. Kabayan Noli also best features their teachers’ firm pledge to their profession, who oftentimes go even after the call of duty.

Kabayan in person went to the most distant and most inaccessible villages in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, encompassing a few indigenous groups. There, he experienced firsthand, crossing a stream 24 times, just to reach the school in the middle of a plantation in Zamboanga town, and climbing vertical and muddy gradients with Blaan young kids to get to their school in Sitio Nabol in Sarangani. He will also report on the plight of schoolchildren in Sitio Paglitao, Antipolo town and Maslog, to the east Samar.

“My heart goes out to the indigenous people,” Kabayan Noli admits, “because their dwellings are exceedingly far from their schools. Basic services barely come to them, so the problems in the town are nothing contrasted to what they have to endure.”

These are just the personal challenges that confront many juvenile Filipino public schoolchildren in the countryside. whereas the Department of learning is doing its best to help them, its efforts are barely sensed due in the isolated groups.

This Kabayan documentary will demonstrate how the students—as well as their families and teachers— regardless of the difficulties, continually strive to study in school to be adept to learn and have a better life.

“Kabayan Reports: Gusto Kong Mag-aral” airs this Sunday (June 23) on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best” after “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

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