In a Interview Daiana cries and says " Benjo made me look stupid"

Daiana said that she will not ruen her marriage she still want to fix thier marriage love kasi love niya raw talaga ang husband niya at sa kabila ng hinaharap niyang mga problema nasa tabi naman niya ang mommy niya nakaalalay sa kanyang mga problema na bumyahe pa galing Brazil.
An emotional Daiana Menezes bared her injure over her husband's demeanour in their joint interview aired last Sunday, saying the outgoing congressman made her gaze "stupid."
speaking to Cagayan de Oro Rep. Benjamin Benaldo, the 25-year-old Brazilian form, in tears, said, "Sana ma-realize niya na ginawa ko 'yan para sa 'yo. Pwede mo naman i-air out, eh. Wala namang mali na magsabi na nagkamali ako, nagkamali lang tayong dalawa, pero huwag naman dumating sa punto na ako 'yung mukhang stupid, tanga o napakadaling mag-forgive."
Speaking solely with ABS-CBN News' Ginger Conejero, Menezes was mentioning to their interview with "The Buzz" owner young man Abunda that aired last Sunday.
In the interview, the twosome sustained that no incident of household aggression took location with Menezes apologizing for her her actions on communal media last week.

On her sheet on image-sharing service Instagram, Menezes had shared a series of images pertaining to aggression against women, encompassing ones showing the phrases "No to rape," "Real Men Don't use Violence," and "There is no apologise for abuse."

Another photograph on Menezes' Instagram page displayed an arm bleeding from slashes and slashes.

But on Tuesday, the form lamented that Benaldo's part in the interview did not emerge reliable with the apology about the argument he had issued after Menezes' mails stirred speculation.

"I was very disapissueed because I revealed myself to the issue na from Instagram mail, into the whole interview thing and all I liked was the declaration granted by my partner would be consistent to what we glimpsed on the camera and in the interview itself by Tito Boy," she said.

"It didn't occur. A person was just beside me bare, letting me come out matapang and giving the impression to the public that what I said was unreliable when in fact he currently said sorry," she added.

'No concern'

Menezes sharp to Benaldo's supposed air of indifference throughout the interview, saying, "Wala man lang anxiety. I'm revealing myself to that and then wala, blank."

"He acknowledged to me in person, and he issued a statement to the public. But when we aired our edge simultaneously, in front of the public and everything, there was like no apologies at all, and that made me feel like I was the one who had the problem," she tearfully said.

She supplemented: "I am just going through a stage that I will not even command my strong feelings anymore, because if my partner will not support me on cam but just behind the camera, it will be actually hard for me to move forward."

Referring to her being emotional, Menezes admitted that she feels "a little bit of anger" in the direction of her husband.

"Whenever I get teary-eyed, at the of the day, tama ba na ako pa 'yung mali? It happened na eh. I cover you up from the fight," she said.

"No issue what occurred, I can not ever get into minutia, kasi ayoko na madamay 'yung tao dahil mahal ko siya. Pero gusto ko sana maintindihan ng mga tao na hindi lang ako gumagawa ng issue," she supplemented.

A 'victim'?

whereas she categorically rejected in her "The Buzz" interview that there was an example of misuse in their relationship, Menezes said, "To clarify, I'm not the young female who cried wolf."

Explaining that she did not signify for their battle to proceed public on communal newspapers, Menezes said she was pushed to mail the controversial images because "I was strongly felt unstable at that time, and too depressed to articulate my feelings."

Asked if she considers herself a casualty" of misuse, Menezes said, "I consider myself... pwede... ayoko naman magsabi ng phrases na 'victim.' Hindi eh, parang ang hirap... wala, it's just really, actually strong right now."

"It's not something that engages just me and Benjo and my mom. It's the public, it's everyone bashing. It's everything, eh," she said.

Menezes' mother, who flew in from their native Brazil early this week, was at the model's edge during her interview with ABS-CBN report.

According to Menezes, her mother is the one most injure by the turn of events.

"She's very injure na parang, 'Bakit ganoon? Anak ko 'yan eh.' ... It's just so hard for her din to accept because I'm the only progeny, and then she came over from the other side of the world, and then at the of the day, [I'm] only 25, 'Bakit?'" Menezes said.

going forward

confessing she laments that her connection with Benaldo has turned tart, Menezes said she is nonetheless considering filing for end marriage.

The twosome wed in a civil marriage in Las Vegas in December last year.

"It's one of the choices, to end marriage, pero we were designing the [church] marriage eh. Parang napaka-contradicting sa isip mo na you're designing to get married," she said.

"So I'm torn... Will I get into a divorce because of this fight and what persons are telling me to do, or pursue my heart? 'Yun ang hindi ko talaga mapi-figure out until binigyan niyo po kami ng space, ng time siguro," she said.

Explaining why she still considers building a life with Benaldo, Menezes said, "It's just talagang love. Patawarin niyo ako kung in love ako. regretful, unseeing siguro. regretful, that's life. It happens."

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