Kim Chiu In Mourning answers To unseeing piece of A Blogger; Maja Salvador fights back Her!?

Kim Chiu In Mourning answers To unseeing piece of A Blogger; Maja Salvador fights back Her!?
So miserable! While player Kim Chiu is having her most tough time of her life – mislaying somebody she loves the most, her mother, a blind piece by a popular amusement blogger was posted online which is apparently striking the Ina Kapatid Anak lead celebrity.
On her Twitter account, Kim conveyed her frustration over a blog site which she suspect of publishing untrue tales about her. In her individual account, Chiu worried:

“I don’t get the issue on why this blog location always ‘MAKE-UP STORIES’??? just for the sake of his followers. #respetonamansana.”

She furthermore dares the blogger who loves making unseeing items on his amusement blogsit to get his details directly since he does not understand her in person.

“Get your details directly! you dont understand any thing, #respetonamanpo,”

While the actress did not exactly mention who she was mentioning to, a allotment of netizens accept as true Chiu was upset over the recent entry in the gossip blog location

On Tuesday, FashionPULIS released a note allegedly from a certain “Micki,” who was talking about a young player who is “supposed to be in mourning for the death of a loved one.” Although Micki didn’t recognise the actress in her “blind item,” it is only Chiu who made headlines this week over the passing of her mother Loella Y. Chiu at the age of 50 on Sunday.

The actress is currently in Cebu to join to the wake of her mom. The blog also appeared to have accepted that the ”blind piece” was about Chiu when it dispatched the actress’s Twitter posts with the headline, “Tweet Scoop: Kim Chiu Airs Her Side.” meantime, Chiu seemed to be trying to stay hopeful in the middle of her mourning. In her official Instagram account, Chiu dispatched a photographgraph of sunrise with caption:

“LIFE is really full of surprises.”

meantime, Kim’s former BFF Maja Salvador appeared influenced to what’s occurrence to her and tweeted:

“You don’t understand her… You just understand her name… #PleaseDon’tJudge #PleaseRESPECT

If these statements are in protecting against for Kim’s condition, then it’s a good beginning issue for reconciliation between the two.

“Diba nga, kapag may nawala, may darating”

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