Malignaggi vs Broner Video Replay Highlights

Watch the Paul Malignaggi vs. Adrien Broner Fight video Replay and highlights. Adrien Broner defeated Paulie Malignaggi via SPLIT DECISION (115-113, 113-115, 117-111).
Malignaggi vs. Broner outcomes and Adrien Broner takes emotionally charged conclusion victory over Malignaggi. roner has pledged to bang Malignaggi out. Malignaggi has vowed to reveal Broner as an over-hyped outlook. In the Barclay Center on Saturday, we will eventually glimpse who can do the better job of backing up his trash-talk in the ring.

When a combatant has the kind of explosive power that Broner has frequently brandished at 130 and 135 pounds, it makes it a whole allotment simpler to back up his swagger. With the lone exception of Daniel Ponce De Leon in 2011, Broner has pounded down everybody he's faced. He's simply been adept to bully and swamp.

But fighting a world champion at 147 pounds is an entirely new order of business for Broner. When I consulted Broner at one issue last year, he told me he expected to remain superior all the way up to 147, perhaps even 154 pounds.

In the end, the fight played out as Malignaggi's speed and volume vs. Broner's defense and power. Early on, Malignaggi kept up a furious pace, landing numerous shots. While he amassed a high volume of punches, the veteran never seemed to hurt Broner. In round 3, Broner turned up the heat, throwing with serious power. For the rest of the fight, Broner was landing shots less frequently than Malignaggi, but was consistently landing the harder shots. Malignaggi came back late in the fight, but not enough to take the win. The fight was a bit awkward at times, with some questionable shots (mostly from Broner), but was indeed entertaining.

Adrien Broner vs Paul Malignaggi fight video replay (we will post the full fight video as soon as possible)

Note:( This video is a free embeddable video hosted on Youtube.)

Congratulations to Adrien Broner for winning the winning the WBA welterweight title! This is his 3rd title on the line! You may asking what's next for Adrien Broner as one of the elite boxer in his division! And for Malignaggi, you should come back stronger than your recent fight against rising star Adrien Broner. It's to early to hang out your gloves since you got the power and speed, you may improve your fighting style in your next fight. Good luck.

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