Marian Rivera answers to Twitter parody account

TV player Marian Rivera does not appear to be bothered anymore that she has an adjust ego in the social networking location Twitter.
In an interview with Bianca Gonzalez as published in her The Philippine celebrity pillar on Sunday, Rivera admitted she has currently heard a lot about her alter ago, who is behind the handle “superstarmarian.”
“She tweets a allotment of comical things. If she utilises it in a good way, why not?” she said.

Understanding completely well that things could sometimes be uneven on Twitter, Rivera distributed that even announced journalist microphone Enriquez suggested to help her in considering with the parody account.

“Si Kuya Mike tinanong ako, ‘Gusto mo may gawin tayong paraan?’ Sabi ko hindi na,” she said.

For the record, the player said her only communal newspapers account is in the image-sharing location Instagram.

“I really liked to be on Instagram. I talked to Ate Reg (Velasquez), but she has a lot of bashers. She notified me, ‘It is easy to be on Instagram! If there is something you don’t like you can block it,’” she said.

As of posting, her Instagram account “therealmarian” currently has 180,069 followers. That is where the player lets her supporters take a sneak peek of her life engaging her relationship with actor Dingdong Dantes.

seen as matary, suplada

meantime, the player eventually reacted to accounts that describe her as “mataray” and “suplada.”

“Transparent akong tao eh. Sa showbiz pala hindi pwedeng masyadong transparent,” she said.

Saying she is growing tired of such condemnation, Rivera said: “I guess you can’t blame other persons for the insight they have of me because of the matters I have been involved in.”

“I can’t please everyone. As long as hindi naman kita binabastos, hindi kita tinatarayan, hindi ako nagpo-power journey sa 'yo. Kung ayaw mo sa 'kin, anong magagawa ko? Luluhod pa ba ako sa yo? No. This is me. What is significant is that the persons I work with I am adept to get along with them,” she supplemented.

As for people who believe of her as a rebel, Rivera said: “I don’t know where the effect that I am a rebel came from. I speak harshly because I am from Cavite. All my cousins in Cavite are young men so I estimate that is why I am a bit boyish. My lola told me that she would permit me to become an player. But no one will ever take advantage of you.’”

Rivera was born in Madrid, Spain but her parents separated when she was only two. She and her mother then returned to the Philippines to reside in Cavite.

regardless of her bashers, Rivera said she sticks to the message her family educated her when it comes to being involved in controversies.

“Hindi ganun ang pamilya ko. Lalaban kami, pero hindi to the issue na maninira,” she said.

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