Reconcilation of Annabele,Nadia said "we both learned"

For almost years of fighting in Tv they are now friends again and learned there mistakes their issue started that having mis understanding coz Anabelle is the talent manager of Nadia at hanggang nauwi na sa demandahan pero ngayon nagkaayos na talaga.
Nadia Montenegro won't be pursuing lawful battle against Annabelle Rama after they reconciled last June 5.

On ANC's Headstart on Friday, Montenegro said she really asked Lord to educate her how pardon Rama.

"The things that Tita Annabelle said in the past, those were the causes why I was really hurt and that triggered it. I estimate, I actually asked for it because if you don't pardon, ikaw din ang mahihirapan. I just decided that I just desire to move on. Ang daming nangyayaring maganda sa buhay ko, so numerous good things. And I estimate by pardoning and for inquiring forgiveness I not ever considered that it will feel this good," Montenegro said.

Montenegro said she's actually joyous with the reconciliation and the fact that she eventually got what she likes.

"Last year pa naman there were efforts na magkaroon ng affirmation or possibility na maayos ito. ... All I was inquiring from the very beginning was for her to issue my young kids and I got that and I'm very joyous and I believe Tita Annabelle furthermore acquiesced and she's with it and my children are very happy," she said.

Montenegro said that after what happened, she accepts as true that she and Rama both wise their courses.

"We both wise from each other I'm sure. I wise my courses the hard way," she said.

On Tuesday, Montenegro formally executed her affidavit of desistance on the situations of serious coercion and grave oral defamation she filed against Rama before a San Juan town court.

Montenegro's move came after her emotional reconciliation with Rama early this month, when both bivouacs acquiesced to eventually end their legal arguments that made headlines the past two years.

According to the former player' legal counsel, Atty. Maggie Abraham, her purchaser is set to execute some other affidavits of desistance before four other enclosures in Quezon City, Pasig, Makati and Caloocan.

In total, encompassing the two situations ceased on Tuesday, Montenegro had filed 26 allegations against Rama over these courts.

The feud arises from Montenegro's allegations of child misuse against Rama, dating back to late 2011, in relation to the gifts manager's way of management her children's showbiz careers.

People in showbiz are so happy because Annabele and Nadia learned there mistake already and put all down their pride for the sake in stopping the issue about the two of them.

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