A Comeback of Ai-Ai Delas Alas in Manila

Comedienne Ai Ai delas Alas, who took a shatter from showbiz after her emotional breakup with married man Jed Salong, is back in the homeland.
Delas Alas is now prepared to fulfill her showbiz firm pledges after spending quality time with her three young kids in the joined States.

"unang gising sa pilipinas MABUHAY !!! na overlook ko to there's no place like home!!!," delas Alas distributed in her Instagram account on Monday.

Delas Alas returned to the homeland solely since her oldest son Sancho stayed behind in the US to study.

The comedienne acquiesced with one of her followers that she still needs to work for her and her family's future. "Bawal ang nganga," delas Alas said.

furthermore on Instagram, delas Alas confirmed that she's now selling the the Camaro she acquired for Salang.

Delas Alas went abroad a month before to be with her children after facing her estranged married man in court. She filed a case against Salang for violating Republic Act 9262 or the act defining violence against women and young kids.

Delas Alas' lawful complaint is in supplement to a defence order she had searched against Salang in late May.

In a contentious interview on "The Buzz" aired in May, delas Alas smashed down as she recalled being supposedly bodily abused by Salang over a contradiction.

The interview came after accounts surfaced that the two have divided less than a month after they married in the joined States on April 3.

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