Alab Ng Puso Lyrics and Chords by Abra | Juan Dela Cruz Theme Song

Hey guys, here's the new Alab Ng Puso song with lyrics and soon to have chords by Abra for Juan Dela Cruz theme song. A very nice song and feat for Abra this 2013. you can check out this song entitled "Alab Ng Puso" if you like this song of Abra. Alab Ng Puso was specifically written and compose by Abra (Raymond Abracosa) for this teleserye - Juan Dela Cruz. This song was under and commissioned by Abs-CbN for the heroism and as a braveman chracter of Juan dela Cruz. That's why Alab Ng Puso do exist.

Alab Ng Puso is now the official soundtrack included for Juan Dela Cruz teleserye. If you can see the video of Alab ng Puso, you will see Abra as the artist doing the meaning of this song. The song is great and was inclined for Juan Dela Cruz that show the heroism deeds for the people who needs protection.

If you want to see the video, you may play the button below.

In the video, it tells Abra will be part of the official soundtrack of Kapamilya's new horror/action/fantasy series "Juan dela Cruz" He will be performing his own composition "Alab ng Puso" that's very inspired with the values you will learn from the series. Juan dela Cruz will have a movie premiere on February 2 on selected movie theaters nationwide and series starts on February 4. Video taken during the presscon with the OST singers/producers, music scorer, production designer and visual effects manager of Juan dela Cruz at Alex III Resto, Tomas Morato QC last January 14, 2013. All I can say that the video was great.

Here's the full lyrics of Alab Ng Puso by Abra and I hope for chords soon.

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