Denial of BB Gandanghari that he has Aids

BB Gandanghari, who is previously known as player Rustom Padilla, accepted he was injure when he wise about the speculations that have swirled when he was lately hospitalized.
Various rumors arose after his male sibling, action-star Robin Padilla, dispatched a image of him at a clinic bed saying Gandanghari has a “very grave infection.”

In an interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Gandanghari set the record directly that had a urinary tract infection (UTI) and not HIV/AIDS.

“Hindi kasi ako nagbabasa. Nakakarating na lang sa akin. Sabi kasi may AIDS daw. But the thing is, I’m not even promiscuous. Ang masakit doon, parang nire-relate na porket I came out as gay, parang kailangan may AIDS na,” he said.

Gandanghari said it injures him that some persons relate being gay to promiscuity.

“Hindi ho sakit ng gays or transsexuals or trangenders ang AIDS because sakit iyan ng promiscuous na tao, if gay or straight,” he said.

According to Gandanghari, he was pain from a grave case of UTI probably conveyed by his farthest workouts in the past few weeks.

“I believe it was because of the dehydration. Before that, I was really employed out too much kasi I would do zumba, yoga, running because I desire to maintain (my heaviness) and then hindi ako umiinom ng tubig,” he said.

Gandanghari said he does not regret getting sick as it paved the way for him and Robin to patch things up.

Gandanghari associated it was Robin who first visited him at the clinic amidst his siblings.

He said it also made him feel better since, for the first time, Robin addressed him as "BB," which he considers a turning issue in their renewed binds as siblings.

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