Juvie Pelos of The Voice Philippines sings Uwahig stunned 4 Judges Video

What an amazing 21 year old Pinay Juvie Pelos working on a shipping line got auditioned on the Voice Philippines who stunned the four judges by singing the somewhat unfamiliar classical song entitled "Uwahig". The Filipina Juvie Pelos impressed the judges with a classical approach on stage as she began to sing that "Uwahig". Of all who got auditioned of the Voice Philippines, only Juvie Pelos had a unique style of singing as she performed and sang Uwahig which is unfamiliar to modern days of the youth but a song to be loved during old days which is a Kundiman song. The original girl can be classified with the likes of Joey Ayala, Grace Nono and Bayang Barrios. She wanted the song to bring back this present times and again to future.

Bamboo, one of the judges, was impressed and the first one to turn the table which was followed by the other 3 judges - Apple, Sarah, and Lea. Even Leah (the songbird), don't even know the first line of that song. It was such a tremendous kind of song that anybody would hear it as breathtaking.

After the four chair turns, she ended up choosing Team Lea and Bamboo even bother why she didn't choose him. But that's Juvie's choice on who she will be choosing.

Watch her auditioned piece of video highlights here.

Juvie Pelos The Voice Philippines, Ladies and Gentlemen.
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