Reaction Paper About SONA of President Noynoy Aquino 2013 in Tagalog

Where to find reaction paper from SONA 2013 from our president of the Philippines Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino and should be in tagalog translation? You may find it here. Here's the President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III (PNoy) SONA 2013 Full English Transcription; English Translation Guide for Essay, Reaction Paper. You can used this if you want especially to students out there.

The President's 4th SONA has finished and is now publish officially in which he had delivered the speech in Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City, last July 22, 2013.

This is just a sample reaction paper for your reference only. This is the reference inline to SONA 2013 Reaction Paper Essay and guide for Filipino students nationwide. And I know it had been always a standard operating procedure for every Filipino teachers to ask their students to write an essay or reaction paper about the SONA by the President of the Philippines especially this SONA 2013.

This is just the another SONA 2013 Reaction Paper Guide that you have as a guide only and you should take note on that. I suggest you should make your own reaction paper. The president has already delivered his SOnA at Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City. This is his fourth SONA, which means he only has three more years before stepping out of the office. I hope the remaining years for the president in his office will be remarkable. You can make or formulate your own reaction paper on how a great President Noynoy Aquino SONA 2013 Reaction Paper and this is just a guide for you to be able to write on your own reaction paper or summary paper regarding the SONA 2013.

Just follow the given instructions below. You shouldn't have to copy and paste this examples. Include your own thoughts and reactions about his platforms and achievements. Make an in-depth analysis of how you feel this reaction paper for 2013.

The President of the Philippines and SONA 2013 Reaction Paper Guide

When it comes to writing a reaction paper, you should have different styles and background and it's up to you on how creative you are as a student. Basically, it is mainly divided into three parts - the summary, analysis, and reaction. That's it.

For the Summary. You should give a brief background about the topic at hand. You can include some details about the SONA, information on its schedule, location and the simple facts about PNoy's term. You can also include the main theme that PNoy focused on in his speech. You just have a summery in here not the full english translation you are going to write.

For the Analysis.You sould analyze the entire speech, about the idea it represents. Scrutinize the entire speech. Find the strong and weak points. Find the parts you agreed with and the ones you feel doesn't make any sense. Make little comments about the reaction of the crowd and how you perceived it, if it is different from the way the crowd had accepted it. Cite some examples he included in his speech. It would be best if you take note about his experiences, along with its important details. These are the things you should include on your analysis. Bear in mind that you should analyze in here.

For the Reaction. This is the last part of the reaction paper - the reaction, make it a point that you have a strong statement in the end. You must have the reaction on whatever SONA has. This is for your own write ups and reactions about the SONA 2013.Whether you agree or not with his platforms, whether you liked what you heard. Relate it to your situation as a citizen of this country. Ask yourself whether which parts of his speech appealed to you. Call for improvements; cite some suggestions. Are you aligned with his goals for the next few years? Could you have the reaction on your own?

Read the transcript of PNoy’s SONA in English. If you are looking for the President Benigno Noynoy Aquino III PNOY SONA 2013 Full Tagalog Transcript.

That's all for the sample reaction paper for SONA 2013.

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