Says of Jackie Forster " I just want to be a mother of my two Children"

The Actress hopes to rectify the rift with Andre and Kobe, her children with former husband Benjie Paras.
Jackie Forster, who lately returned to the Philippines for a brief visit after dwelling overseas for some years, explains why she keeps on reaching out to Andre and Kobe (her children with her previous married man Benjie Paras), regardless of the young men’ apply for her to stay out of their lives.

“Sobrang sakit, kanina sobra na 'yung iyak ko kanina, so masakit na masakit. Kung kaibigan mo nga magtampuhan kayo 'yun pa kayang anak mo, sarili mong kadugo (It’s actually sore, I was crying so much a while before, so it really hurts. If fighting with your friend can be sore, how much more if it’s with your progeny, somebody who shares your blood?)?” the former player clarified in an interview with

“I mean, persons have so much to state about it, right? But at the end of the day, they won’t realise na pag hinanap ko 'yung mga bata dahil nami-miss ko 'di ba? Kung puwede lang, kung puwede lang na lumipat kami dito bukas, dito na kami (they won’t understand that I’m craving for my young kids because I overlook them, right? If only it were likely, if we could move here tomorrow, we’ll be here),” she proceeded.

Jackie furthermore answered a YouTube user’s conjecture that she should have finished certain thing in the past that really traumatized her young kids.

“Ako wala lang, ang feeling ko lang is because wala ako sa buhay nila, 'yun ang ikinasasama ng loob nila, 'yun lang, 'yun lang ang feeling ko talaga as a mother (For me, I just seem that they’re angry at me because I’m not present in their lives, that’s my hunch as a mother.). Because, else I think they would have said already.”

When asked about a likely showbiz comeback, Jackie said she's still waiting for a good offer.

“Bahala na kung may magandang offer. I signify, dapat talaga juicy 'yung function if ever (Let's wait for a good offer. I signify, the function should be actually juicy, if ever.).

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