TV5 Still Struggling Compared than ABS-CBN and GMA7 admits of Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta agrees to celebrity in a lather opera for the first time via TV5's "tawa-serye" titled Madam head person.
Sharon Cuneta brands a milestone in her life by agreeing to star in a lather opera for the first time in a vocation spanning over three decades.
Titled Madam head person, this task is named as a "tawa-serye" wherein the Megastar performances a mother who abruptly becomes a barangay head person.

Directed by Joel Lamangan while Joey Reyes serves as the head author, this imminent primetime TV5 sequence will be aired this September.

What made her accept this TV task?

Sharon clarified, “It took a collaboration of my two large directors to make me say yes to a teleserye. I dropped in love with it!”

Did she obtain offers to do soap operas in her former dwelling mesh ABS-CBN?

“Many times,” disclosed the Megastar.

“This is different because it has a running social commentary but not hard core. It’s going to have relevance and it shall be motivating.

“We liked something na hindi lang masaya, may puso at may saysay rin.

"It’s very distinct so that’s why we call it a 'tawa-serye.'”

Sharon admits that TV5 is still struggling contrasted to its competitor networks, ABS-CBN and GMA-7, but she is confident that the Kapatid mesh will be able to perform well in the highly-competitive primetime impede.

“Our network is not up there with the rest but I wish that we also get a good share of the assembly.

"I wish the audience will give us a possibility for this because we have the best persons behind this teleserye.

"I will absolutely do my best and so will the rest of the cast. I hope they give it a shot.”

When inquired why it has been so long since Sharon came out on television, TV5 head of creative and entertainment production Perci Intalan clarified, “For Madam head person, the timing was very critical. We required time to develop the right project for her.
"When we evolved it, we had to present it to her, present it to management, and then write the scripts and arrange everything.

"At the identical time, Sharon had commitments…and we had to contrive out her calendar for as early as the start of the year.

"During the first part of the year, she had a journey overseas and from May to June, she had firm pledges abroad.

“Inayos namin yun at tamang-tama, we had time to evolve it.

"She understands it’s going to be relentless because it’s different any thing that she’s done before.”

Sharon describes her feature Bebeth de Guzman as “very funny.”

She sharp out, “If you remember bawling Ladies [2003], it’s like that pero hindi siya mandurugas.

“She’s furthermore a mother to three children. In Crying Ladies, one lang. She likes to make a distinction.

"Siya yung number one kagawad kaya nung namatay yung Chairman, siya yung pumalit.

“My character’s title is Bebeth.

"We call it a tawa-serye but make no mistake, there’s going to be some drama and it has a lot of heart.

"I’m proud of it because it in writing by Joey Reyes and directed by Joel Lamangan.

“I’m with a good cast and I’m also excited to work with the new ones.”

Since this will be her first time to work on a TV lather opera, what adjustments will be she doing for this task?

“My biggest fear would be the schedule but, express gratitude God, Direk Joel has a cut-off. And so do I.
"It will be like firing a movie with Direk Joel, I estimate, but on a normal agenda.

“At least, I understand the designated days and when I can agenda things with the kids.

“I’m not aghast of the work because as God is my observer, I love the story.”

Even though this task is called a "tawa-serye," Sharon says her imminent sequence will furthermore showcase her forte: doing drama.

“There will be instants of drama,” she guaranteed.

NO TO POLITICS. In Madam head person, Sharon will depict a barangay captain but in genuine life, she has no yearn of entering government.

She states, “I believe I can make a difference without having to be in public office and I am enjoying my place, while it is right now.

"My main concern is still my young kids and my family.

“I am not the kind to announce what I do except if I understand it is to invite other persons to help certain determinants. But I do my share.

"I am a firm believer of what goes around arrives around but furthermore you have to ascertain yourself that you desire to help not because you desire it to come back to you.”

The Megastar then broadcast that she is looking for scripts boasting functions that she can portray on the large-scale computer display.

“I desire to ask for new scriptwriters, you don’t have to be of a certain age since it would be pleasant to have juvenile body-fluid… kahit anong edad pa ‘yan.

"Basta, I want to invite persons to drive me scripts, pero hindi yung puwedeng maging vanity film ko.

"I want scripts like bawling females, the way it hit me.

"The character Stella friend [in bawling Ladies], I just directly dropped in love with her.

"You can undertake more kung indie movies and financial movies. You can do functions like I did in Madrasta.

"There were changes but not so drastic that it alienated my audience.”

What inspired her to gaze for new individual features to depict onscreen?

Sharon answers, “I just want distinct stuff.

"At this point in my career, I wish it doesn’t sound boastful, but like Direk said, I don’t believe I have anything to verify and I’m adept to trial now so I’m open to it.

"Mamimili ako ng script and yung mananalo, magkakaroon ng money prize.

"Hindi lang naman isang script ang pipiliin but the others will get a possibility na kumita rin kapag ginawang video at binili ang scripts sa kanila.

“I can make these videos for a certain budget and other unaligned filmmakers can arrive to me and not concern about my suweldo when I drop in love with the script.”

The Megastar then stressed: “I am very open to doing indie movies.”

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