Watch 'Tapatan ni Tunying" Tommorow for Daniel Padilla's Love Life Status Revealed of her Mother Karla

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Karla Estrada uncovers her child Daniel Padilla’s love life and discloses to Anthony Taberna that her child has never had a woman companion in “Tapatan ni Tunying” this Thursday (August 1).

According to Karla, regardless of being relentlessly connected to Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel has never pledged himself to any person because he is conservative. Karla, although, believes that Daniel is mature sufficient to handle connections on his own.

“The Padillas are tagged as womanizers and Daniel wants to change that perspective,” she states in the interview.

Aside from this, Karla also converses about her four failed relationships, encompassing that with Daniel’s dad, Rommel Padilla.

Meanwhile, Eva Cariño, matriarch of the Padilla showbiz clan, bowls out her worries about BB Gandanghari’s design to undergo sex change as she doubts difficulties might originate during the method.

She also admits that just like BB’s siblings, she is taking her time to accept the gender fondness of her son.

“It was hard to accept the report at first. I sometimes get angry to BB but she’s actually attractive, I have to admit that,” Eva states.

apart from BB’s approaching out, Robin’s imprisonment in 1995 was also one of the hardest sections of her life. How did Eva remain powerful amidst confrontations and controversies involving her children?

Watch “Tapatan ni Tunying” (TNT) this Thursday (August 1), 4:15 PM on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

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