Who deserves to live? " Tuhog" trailer ask?

Amidst three outsiders whose inhabits suspend in the balance -- a middle-aged woman, a left vintage man, and a young man in his 20s -- who deserves to continue dwelling?
This inquiry is posed in the first trailer for the Veronica Velasco-directed movie "Tuhog," wherein individual features depicted Eugene Domingo, Leo Martinez and Enchong Dee are glimpsed in a road mishap.

With separate inhabits and unanswered problems of their own, Fiesta (Domingo), Tonio (Martinez) and Caloy (Dee) are seen as passengers of a coach that numbers in an accident.

Here, the movie takes its name literally when the three get skewered by a single iron alloy bar. They are left to face the likelihood that not all of them may be kept, as medical practitioners find their position difficult to explain.

As seen in the film's trailer, the bus conductor Fiesta carries the burden of being the lone caretaker of her ailing and demented dad Carding (Noel Trinidad).

Having devoted her life assisting to her father's needs, Fiesta evolves a defended and masculine demeanor. She eases her walls, although, when she encounters Nato (Jake Cuenca), a newly-hired bus person driving at the identical business where she works.

Now past his retirement age, Nato, on the other hand, gambles his pension to fulfill his life-long but neglected dream to become a baker with his own shop. regardless of early reservations about his design, Tonio's family backs him in his project, motivating the vintage man to verify the risk he took was worth it.

Caloy, meantime, faces the struggle of being in a long-distance connection with his girlfriend (Schuck). whereas they pledged to preserve their virginity for each other, Caloy becomes wary of his position as lure extend to enclose him.

amidst the three, with their distinct backgrounds, moviegoers are inquired to take to a ballot who they believe should endure the street accident as seen in the trailer.

The end of the preview reel, as dispatched on celebrity Cinema's official YouTube account, links to a sample on its Facebook sheet. There, netizens can choose among Fiesta, Tonio and Caloy.

made by Skylight Films, "Tuhog" will be released nationwide by celebrity movies on July 17.

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