Be Careful With My Heart August 1, 2013 - Maya Get Hurt & Almost Cry

Watch Be Careful With My Heart for August 1, 2013. Remember, we have come the month of August for BCWMH. Everything for Be Careful With My Heart Scene were quite good and interesting in every past episodes. This time will be the final pushing of pedal for Be Careful With My Heart and let's watch for the BCWMH for the first day of August. The Video Replay for August 1 will come too soon.

Watch Be Careful With My Heart August 1, 2013 Episode Replay:

Here are some comments from the fans of BCWMH upon giving the review for this August 1, "This is your mistake SC, it would have been less hurtful if she found out from you not your mom. Anyway, Maya you were able to make everybody like you except DR, take it as a challenge and make DR realize how wrong he is! that money can't buy true love. Show him that you are not backing out, instead make him realize his mistakes....hypocrisy and shallow minded attitude...very very wrong."

We would like to bring back the reviews, previews, and especially the video replay for Be Careful With My Heart 2013. In the video, I can say that Sir Chief has a little mistake why Maya got hurt and it really hurts Maya. This would be a challenge for Sir Chief, as would everyone knows about this. There where also some comments that, "i cried with maya in this episode :( maya don't give ur all.leave something for urself! i guess u need a breather away from them and in return they will realize ur worth....and that would be Priceless!!!"

In this video episode, its very hurtful scene that everyone should watch and most likely will leave a tears after watching this video and I'm sure with that. One of the comment I admire from the fans is this, "Nakakaiyak episode hu hu.pero excited pa rin ako kasi my suyuan na naman na magaganap ky SC to Maya...sana ma-realize din ni DR na mali sya sa pag assume ky Maya...gusto ko makita ang intense acting ni Jodi at Richard sa convo nila bukas....grabe talaga itong mga writers, ang galing maglaro s feelings namin na mga adiks ng BCWMH..thumbs-up...prepare ko na towel ko dahil babaha ang luha bukas..."

So this really means that, there would be a great moment for this August 1 episode. And that how Maya reacts from that hurt and almost cry for it. This will be a real challenge for Maya and for Sir Chief as well. Watch this August 1 exciting episode as for Sir Chief and Maya deliver there actions and characters at 11:45 am. Be prepared your tears and enjoy watching!

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