Be Careful With My Heart - August 16, 2013 | Sir Chief's Birthday

In every exciting episode, another exciting episode comes and it keeps on going for the Be Careful With My Heart this Friday - August 16 2013. You know what we're gonna talk about in this episode? Guess what? It's Sir Chief's birthday! It's getting more surprising when we talk about the ABS-CBN's Be Careful With My Heart for loyal fans and newcomers in this very production of acting that just comes naturally especially to Sir Chief and Maya who always "magpapakilig" to every fans around the world - young and old.

be careful with my heart august 16

I'm sure the celebration of Sir Chief's birthday will bring full of emotions not only to Sir Chief and Maya but also the fans who keep on watching the video episode every weekdays. Expect something very romantic reconciliation of Ser Chief and Maya. This will be some kind of cruel romantic scene once and for all. In the video highlights, Sir Chief thought if he is the one that Maya give signal to him but the signal from Maya is for Don Roberto. There was just an uncommon communication between them. He assumed it responding with a cute face. If you could see, it was a hilarious scene especially seeing that Sir Chief is responding with a cute smile. Eventually, he knows it when he looks to his dad Don Roberto coming near.

If somebody would notice, Maya is wearing the "sealed with a kiss earings" only on Sir Chief's birthday. We're very thankful for every scene of Be Careful With My Heart, that they find time for us to laugh about and feel those emotions they are wearing with - the happiness, joys, loneliness, and every part of scene that we can relate through it. That was a great time for Sir Chief and to all characters of Be Careful With My Heart while celebrating the birthday of Sir Chief.

As promised, here's the video replay of Be Careful With My Heart for today, August 16.

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You'll gonna watch this August 15 video all over again because it makes a day worth to watch. Looking for more great episode as BE Careful With My Heart is moving a finite episode series that we don't know how this last and when this will last. What can you comment about this episode?

Be Careful With My Heart Video Highlights 08/16/2013

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