Be Careful With My Heart August 21 2013 | WEDDING PROPOSAL?

It's not over until it ends the way it is. Proposal? Is it the best thing to ever happen in Be Careful With My Heart for this August 21 episode? It's been 1 year since BCWMH first airing on July 9, 2012 and until now of this month of August 2013 - there has been so many great moments ever happened in Be Careful With My Heart. If ever you could follow every episode of the story, you could remember those the laughter, tears, happiness, and many of those momentous event of BCWMH. Such a great thing for fans that they're able to follow and watch ever scene and it's becoming so breathtaking seeing this episode that you won't expect to happen. In this episode, we will talk about proposal.

If you're watching the August 21 trailer, you will understand that the concept being brought up in here is something that Sir Chief would give a proposal to Maya. How can you predict what's that proposal? Will it be a wedding proposal? Is it about to be engaged with Maya and to marry her? I maybe directing to a point that fans don't like the most ending part. But who knows what proposal Sir Chief is talking about. Or maybe he will propose Maya for a dinner or for a tour in Singapore or in China that is outside from our Philippines country. That's the best part of a trailer, you need to predict what will happen next and see to it that you're prediction is right because if not, you will end up disappointed or surprised but I guess you'll be surprised in every prediction even if that's not meet the criteria the way you are predicting in.

Sir Chief also mentioned about this to his dad Don Roberto about his plan for having a proposal but he does not specified what proposal that is and we will witness what's that is after watching the full video of Be Careful With My Heart August 21 episode. Will you? As one of the fans, I can see how would Sir Chief give proposal to Maya about engagement to marriage thing but I shouldn't mentioned it here since it will only silence the "kiligness" factor of every BCWMH fans. But I guess we will let Sir Chief how he will be able to manage and tell it to Maya about his proposal that the only Maya's reaction or answer would be a big "YES".

This proposal would be shocking for Maya since Sir Chief did not give a hint or inform Maya about this since he is just informing his Dad and Maya's Nanay telling them for proposal. As one of the fans said, "We may give without loving but we can't love without giving..." and that is very true in reality. Because loving someone would care about everything is gonna be okay no matter what situations it may be. The best thing is that, you're in love with some so special that only among us could have. Also, true happiness would be the end factor why there's love. Why love exists? Because happiness do exists and there are both in mutual grounds. BCWMH fans were so very happy right now watching every part of the episode this month of August. There maybe a proposal to wedding to family life and we don't know what's going to happen in this series. That's unpredictable that fans want. Extraordinary TV series achievement for this story because it simply came out from ordinary having done extraordinarily so well enough that TV viewers can't predict what will happen next unlike those other TV series that the viewers can really predict what will happen in the future while the characters of the story didn't.

We should be thankful for this TV series that we have learned that is applicable in real life situation even if not all. We are happy to see this every episode but one thing is - when we talk about proposal and wedding, it predicts the end part of the story that we don't want special to those avid fans out there. But again, we can't predict what will happen so don't worry guys about the proposal if Sir Chief is ready to propose Maya for a Marriage and give the wedding day of BCWMH.

You may now watch the video replay of Be Careful With My Heart for today, August 19.

What's your most memorable days watching the Be Careful With My Heart episode? Do you remember those?

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