Be Careful With My Heart August 26 2013 | Kiligness to the Max!

The story goes on and on with kiligness to the maximum level for Be Careful With My Heart August 26. Strike while the Iron is hot as they said. In this Friday August 22 2013 episode, we'll see and may ask why did Sir Chief in hurry? There's no way Sir Chief can hurry about but the thing is Sir Chief will make sure he's plan will not fail. Also in the scene, I think that girl is a jewelry designer who's going to make Maya's engagement ring because Sir Chief got Maya's ring size by using the ribbon from the flowers he gave her yesterday. Watch out for more great episode of this story.

Be Careful With My Heart August 26 2013

Fans are excited about sir Chief's proposal ans also excited about the wedding in the future. This gonna be the greatest Filipino TV series of all time when BCWMH fans agree. Sir Chief and Maya were in the right track to go to the next level - and that is wedding. That's gonna make it to happen in the future based on the prediction but the writer of the story can make that happen or not depending on the motive of BCWMH especially this August 26 2013 story.

Hellen Keller says, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." That's very true when we talk about the scene of be careful with my heart. Fans should be careful with their hearts and emotions upon seeing every episode of the most natural way of expressing their emotions also. Try not to your emotions will control you but you must control your emotion because you are the one who is owning it.

One of the fans commented that "Sir Chief and Maya, without knowing it, have forged their relationship in steel. SC wants to seal it w/ the best material known to man. Ultimately, they will commit to each other. Truth is, we know that doubt will be a constant in their relationship;. But the fact is the problems they face, will make them stronger & they will end up together . When in doubt, don't." This is fact. When we're basing in the real world. The Be Careful With My Heart Story will see through it.

You may now watch the video replay of Be Careful With My Heart for today, August 26.

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Be Careful With My Heart Video Highlights 08/26/2013

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