Be Careful With My Heart - August 5, 2013 | Nothing is Impossible!

No one can barred for Sir Chief and that nothing is impossible for Be Careful With My Heart this August 5, 2013 - Monday. Full video replay and highlights to follow for this episode. As they said, be kind whenever is possible. We have to see the best of the scenes that are happening right now in BCWMH episode.

august 5 2013 BCWMH full video replay

The good thing about Sir Chief is that we will see how would fight for his love and what he believes in. After the walk out from lunch, where did Maya and Sir Chief go and continue their lunch and bonding? Is it for Bay walk? Or any places that you can suggest? Many think that Sir Chief and Maya will walk out because of Don Roberto's supreme act for the two. But I think it's not the best example for the kids to walk out. They should have patience but one thing is we can't predict the scene right away because it's so unpredictable scene when we talk about this Be Careful With My Heart episode.

Watch Be Careful With My Heart August 5, 2013 Episode Replay:

Fans already knew how Don Robert was. He's very negative and full of contradictions between Sir Chief and Maya. We as the BCWMH followers should be understand the present situation where Don Roberto's negative reactions about Sir Chief and Maya's status in theis August 5, 2013 episode and how long Don Roberto can handle this kind of situation - is it for better or for worse or any case to case basis.

When you notice that in the very early episode of Be Careful With My Heart, no antoganist of the story like what we have right now on Don Roberto. In the very early stage of the scene, it's all about full of surprises, jokes, happiness when Maya as yaya did that to Sir Chief and to every people she met. But now, it's just like changing the tide that in this episode, more antagonist is coming. We don't know how the writers and editors twist the story because if we know they are trying their best to capture the fans into a different concepts that Be Careful With My Heart has. Watch the Be Careful With My Heart August 5 preview and highlights below.

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