Be Careful With My Heart August 6, 2013 - Don Roberto was a good father!

The last time around when Don Roberto barring the happiness of Maya and Sir Chief, but this August 6, 2013 episode of Be Careful With My Heart, Don Roberto is like giving way to his son Sir Chief. This will be the time for unity like a theme that United we stand while dividing we fall. This is now the moment towards victory for Sir Chief winning his Maya even to his father Don Roberto.

August 6 episode video replay BCWMH

This will be the time that the whole family will be united each other including Don Roberto. They have traditions in reacting the problem or a situation wherein you have to stay calm. I learned from this family on how to use the virtue of patience and understanding. They valued it so much in every way they can. These would results to being a good vibes in every member of the family. I hope, whoever continue watching and following this BCWMH episode, will learn the virtues imparted for their family and love ones especially giving importance and value to a person who were close to them. Respect is one the greatest virtues that shouldn't be neglected as we can see in this episode between Sir Chief and Don Roberto.

In every obstacle that Maya and Sir Chief encounter, it would build a solid foundation for growing strong and solid still. That's the essence when you truly love each other and that's what we are going to witness in this episode as the story goes on. It always come through for us - BCWMH followers. We learned how to be patient and learned to stay for how long and how this episode gonna be. It's truly amazing how this story affects us with courage and motivation to be applied in the real world. Aren't you?

This would bring back the stress free episode since Don Roberto is now taking his son to be free and it should be. Many fans wanted to bring back the old episode that was no antagonist of the story. That only joys and happiness what we will see within the smiles of Maya and Sir chief. Thank you for watching the episode every now and then. The writers are doing their best in the incoming episodes. Keep it following and we will witness how these such a unique story ends.

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Watch the preview video of Be Careful With My Heart August 6, 2013 Episode. Replay highlights to follow soon.

Watch the Be Careful With My Heart August 6, 2013. Tuesday of be careful with my heart 8/6/2013. The 8.6.2013 Be Careful with my heart watch episode full video replay and highlights. Be Careful with My Heart sir chief and Maya August 5 episode. BCWMH August 6 episode 2013. BCWMH August 6 full video replay and episode highlights will be available in the next few hours. This episode is a whole lot different from the last episode of Be Careful With My Heart.

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