Comments Review of July 31 2013 - Be Careful With My Heart

Be Careful With My Heart Comments and Review last July 31, 2013 - This is all about the plans for Nikki.

What are the plans for Nikki? There were comments from netizens for Nikki on July 31, 2013 and we're sorry we haven't commented last July 30, 2013. These are some of the comments for July 31, 2013. There are some speculations that Nikki having plan to be a match maker but I don't know if that's Nikki's true intention.

Naku ,,,,,butiking pasay na don Roberto. Pwede ba bumalik ka na sa China panggulo ka lang eh,mas mabait pala si de kaysa sayo ......kalokaaaaaaaa.....

nikki slowdown, pls. learn from your past mistakes.

parang magtutwist.....ata cla ah...hehe

Yung help na sinasabi ni Niki is for Joey and Luke.

miss ko na to panoorin...

Sana makita ni nikolo si niks with inigo para selos ang peg?lol

True but the thing is whats her exact plan?

Planong mging matchmaker ni nikki

For the Be Careful With My Heart Fanatics, we just have to hope that every scene are quite good and nice to watch with just like before even if there's some kind of story twisting because this is only for the viewers like us in order to get and be satisfied.

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