Mutya Johanna Datul Wins Miss Personality of Miss Supranational 2013

Miss Philippines' Mutya Jhanna Datul awarded as Miss Personality of the 5th edition of Miss Supranational which will be held on September 6, 2013 at Sport's Palace of Minsk, Belarus. Congratulations to our Miss Supranational representative of the Philippines Mutya Datul for winning the Miss Personality award. You deserve the best personality within you. We will see the video replay and highlights of Miss Supranational Beauty Pageant 2013 soon.

Mutya Johanna Datul Wins Miss Personality

Some of the comments from Mutya Joanna Datul, "She could've been the Miss Universe Phil. if her Q&A was a bit better. Not that I'm complaining that Ariella won. I just think she's prettier and has the WOW factor." IF you want to know about Mutya Datul. Mutya Johanna Datul is a 21-year old Ibanag from Isabela She stands 5'8. She was crowned Miss Supranational Philippines 2013 at the Araneta Coliseum on April 14th. She will represent Philippines at Miss Supranational 2013 at Minsk, Belarus this September.

For this award, Miss Mutya you make us proud. The Filipino people love the you just the way you are. your beauty is supranatural that's why you have the biggest chance to become the Miss Supranational for this year. Bring us the beacon! Go for gold Miss Mutya. She has the most Filipino looks and how I wish she will be the one who will represent for the Miss Universe 2013. Miss Mutya has the most appealing and deserving for the Miss Supranational title. You should be in the Miss Universe Miss Mutya not just in this Miss Supranational but it's okay. Just take a closer look on her beauty, she brought the through beauty of a Filipina. Millions of Filipinos will support your journey towards any beaut pageant that you are taking into. Congrats and Good luck!

Aside from Miss Datul who awarded as the Miss Personality on this beauty pageant, there are also other special awards that some contestants has awarded.

Miss Elegance was awarded to Sally Lindgren of Sweden
Miss Photogenic was awarded to Desirée Del Rio of Puerto Rico
Best Top Model was awarded to Valeria Donu of Moldova

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