PhilPost ( Website Was Hacked under Dbuzz name!!!

The PhilPost Website which is the Philippines Postal Corporation with the official website address was recently hacked by a certain group of hackers as of this writing August 2, 2013 at around 5:00 am. For those who want to know about the official website a little bit, this is a Philippine government owned and controlled corporation responsible for providing postal services in the Philippines. In the official website, it only displayed with a defaced "hack by Dbuzz: which have a "Creditz To: Black Angels || Brian Kamikaze | Pak RT |". As of now, the website was still unresolved. I don't know if the site administrator of this website is currently working in this step. Here's the actual webpage in the PhilPost Website below:

"HACKED by Dbuzz... Creditz To: Black Angels || Brian Kamikaze | Pak RT |," this is message on the hacked government website.

In Administrative Order No. 39 dated July 12, Aquino cited the need for "greater security and robustness" in delivering reliable information and online services that are "free from impairment and disruption."

The administrative order mentioned host websites of:

-> national government agencies
-> government financial institutions
-> government-owned or controlled corporations
-> websites of inter-agency collaborations, programs and projects.

You can visit their website here. Who's the man behind this hack? Is this a group of certen hackers? Can the Philippine government able to force a law regarding hack websites? Will they find these hackers? I think we should have to form law for this. How can we mend vulnerable security with these website attackers? What do you think?

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