Be Careful With My Heart September 3 2013 (TUESDAY) | The ENGAGEMENT!

The Be Careful With My Heart had changed the mindset of the audience and fans all over the world especially this coming Tuesday, September 3 2013. The way it used to be - unpredictable moments with great scene has been in Be Careful With My Heart episodes. This is such a strange TV series for all the viewers in which we always wanted to watch its video even in replay and even if we watch it so many times, you'll never get bored. It takes a way the stress especially to the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) who ebb BCWMH every episode. Is there an engagement ring or a wedding ring? Its all up to the Be Careful With My Heart's Sir Chief and Maya.

be careful with my heart - proposal ring-engagementring-wedding-ring

Scene 1
(While Raffi and Ser Chief talking to the phone...)
Raffi: kailangan kung siguraduhin na hindi niyo nanaman mamimiss yung cruise ship.
Ser Chief: yes, yes I'm getting up (nakangiting binasa ang good luck letter ni abe)

Scene 2
(In the house...)
Maya: Nandito na po ako
Nanay teresita: (napaluha)
Maya: Nay bakit?
Mamang: nagmomoments lang yan!

Scene 3
Daddy ni Ser Chief: Ano ba yan eh ginagawa niyo itong bata si Ricky! (inaayos ang sinturon)
Manang Fe at Mommy ni Ser Chief: (sabay ngiti)
Daddy ni Ser Chief: yung sing-sing
Ser Chief: andito pa!
Daddy ni Ser Chief: okey..,,ok Good..,good

Scene 4
Maya: (dahang dahang naglalakad sa may maraming kandila habang may tugtug).,,(nakatalikod)
Ser Chief: Maya?
Maya: (humarap at nakanigiti)
Ser Chief: (lumuhod at sabay tanong) WILL YOU MARRY ME?

What can you say about the ring? What you see the image ring above does not guarantee the actual ring that would be used for Sir Chief's proposal. I'm sorry about that. For the fans, you may ask why is it that no matter how many times you watch the BCWMH video replay or video teaser but still the kiligness to the maximum level is in you still. Am I right? Because we're both in the same side. Some would say, if there's a scene that implies loneliness in this story, some fans would cry in tears emotionally because the story became part of our lives either we like it or not - that's true and the truth will set you free! We can't control our emotion to be happy or cried for some moment because we love it - we love be careful with my heart in many ways.

This story also - gave a lesson to how we value our relationship and the person we really love and care. How we value our family just like what Maya and Sir Chief did to their own family in every scene. Will you? It's a very intimate moment for the two protagonists on how they handle people around them. It's a constant deal for everyone to live life fully while we are on earth. Will you only live life when you're already pass out? So, live life fully and die empty as they said. Be Careful With My Heart episode always remind us about how do we love, how we react on different situation, and how we valued others as we valued our selves.

There are no such thing as permanent and only a change itself is permanent in this world. Be Careful With My Heart also tells us to be happy and not been focusing to stuff that may lost you. For Fans, kapit bisig always since Be Careful With My Heart is not permanent, it will come not stay but it will come to pass for history and another story will happen in the future.

You may now watch the video replay of Be Careful With My Heart for today, September 3.

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Be Careful With My Heart Video Preview 09/2/2013:

Watch the Be Careful With My Heart September 3 2013 Video Replay Highlights Soon. This is now a level up relationship for Sir Chief and Maya - a proposal that will be revealed for BCWMH fans all around the world.

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