Be Careful With My Heart September 6 2013

One big happy family sets on for the Be Careful With My Heart September 6 2013 episode.
In this episode, Maya and Kute talk each other about the wedding ceremony. Maya wants Kute in association to her father because Kute is the eldest of the family that made her like a dad. Also, it's so shocking that Sir Chief talks about the future - incoming children, no matter what number he is asking that made Maya in shocking mode. Maya, are you ready?

Scene 1
(kute at Maya seryosong nag-uusap)
Maya: gusto sa kasal ko ikaw yung maghahatid sa akin kayo ni nanay kasi ikaw naman yung tumayong tatay sa atin simula nung nawala si itay diba?
Kute: oo (napa--iyak)

Scene 2
(Family Bonding sa makabuluhang tagpuan)
Maya: para kay nanay at tsaka ky tatay ito po yung pina ka most romantic place.
Ser Cief: Maya forget you to tell you something.
Mommy and Daddy ni Ser chief: sabay, what's that?
Ser Chief: Dito niya ako sinagot.
Lahat: sabay sigaw..,,yehhhhh.

Scene 3
(Nag-usap ang mga matandang lola)
Mommy ni Ser Chief: ano ba talaga ang nangyari kay Arturo asawa ni Teresita?
Mamang: (nakatulala)

Scene 4
(Maya at Ser Chief nag-uusap)
Ser Chief: hindi ba romantic yung proposal ko sayo?
Maya; Romantic naman!
Ser Chief: Ang gusto ko e kwento mo sa mga bata at ang mga magiging anak natin.
Maya: anak natin?
Ser Chief: ayaw mo bang magka-anak?
Maya: (tulala)

Sir Chief, who thinks fast and ahead of the present, even though they're not married yet but still they are comfortable to each other to talk about their future kids. Sir Cheif is a person that has goals in life and that all of us must have goals in life also - may it a short term goal or a long term one. Do you have goals in life? I hope so.

Maya and Kute displayed the basic camaraderie as sisters of the family. They went a lot of times and experience like fighting and arguing each other but loving each other comes through, they learn to adjust because that's how they were brought up, That's how we know Kute will react well to the Sir Chief as a proud husband in the future to Maya. It's a great time and it's done ladies and gentlemen.

Be Careful with My Heart has this team with creativity and imaginative on how the story goes and taste like this and that. We don't know what you have planned for us but we will just enjoy the ride because you/re unpredictable. Richard and Jodi, we congratulates you for the role of Sir Chief and Maya! Looking forward for the success of the story!

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Be Careful With My Heart Video Preview Sept. 6 2013:

Another great episode to watch for this Careful With My Heart September 6 2013 Video Replay that will be published soon. "Kapit Bisig" to all the fans and viewers of BCWMH everyday! What will happen next, we'll support this episode until it ends. We're going to witness how the Be Careful With My Heart changes lives of the viewers like us. Keep on watching!

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