Mutya Datul is the Miss Supranational 2013 Winner (Life Story, Biography, Wiki, Video)

The most celebrated moments of the Philippine's Miss Mutya Datul wins the Miss Supranational 2013 held on September 6, 2013 at Sport's Palace of Minsk, Belarus. Miss Supranational 2013 winner, results, awards night. Mutya Datul biography, wiki images, life story, successes on beauty pageant, Mutya Datul wikipedia and Miss Supranational 2013 queen. She wins the Miss Personality and Miss Supranational - Filipinos waving the flag of the Philippines! We're proud of you! Miss Supranational 2013 Video Replay will be available soon and be published in here.

Mutya Datul full name is Mutya Johanna Fontiveros Datul. She is better known as Mutya Datul. In her career, she is the fashion model. Currently, at the Miss Supranational 2013 - she won and crowned as Miss Supranational 2013 and awarded as Miss Personality of the said event. The greatest event of her life was held on September 6, 2013 at Sport's Palace of Minsk, Belarus outshining 82 other hopefuls. In the Philippines, she is a semi-finalist in Talent portion and Top 8 for Miss Internet. Mutya Datul gave more in the Philippine's Miss Supranational birth.

In her early life, she was born in the town of Sta. Maria, Isabela and was a studying computer programmer course at the Isabela State University- Ilagan Campus. This is the time she started modelling career and contested beauty pageants. In 2010, she won the Mutya ng Isabela Tourism title.

She was awarded as Binibining Photogenic and Binibining Best in Evening Goww last April 2013 at Smart Araneta Coliseum given the Miss Supranational Philippines crown and eventually awarded as the Miss Supranational 2013. It was a great moment to win the Miss Supranational 2013 for Miss Mutya Datul. She deserved the crown at all the best she can. Congratulations to Mutya Datul for this great event.

Miss Supranational 2013 Awards Night, Winners, and Results

MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2013: Philippines Mutya Datul
1st RUNNER UP: Mexico
2nd RUNNER UP: Turkey
3rd RUNNER UP: Indonesia
4th RUNNER UP: US Virgin Islands

Miss National Dress - Nicaragua
Miss Talent - Malaysia
Miss Friendship - Macau
Miss Personality - Philippines
Miss Elegance - Sweden
Miss Top Model - Moldov
Miss Photogenic - Puerto Rico
Miss Internet - Myanmar
Miss Asia and Oceania - Australia
Miss America - Brazil
Miss Europe - Belarus
Miss Africa - Gabon

1. Venezuela
2. Puerto Rico
3. Australia
4. Poland
5. Gabon
6. Canada
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. US Virgin Islands
10. Luxembourg
11. India
12. Mexico
13. Myanmar
14. Belarus
15. Philippines
16. Russia
17. Latvia
18. Brazil
19. Turkey
20. Ukraine

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