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Watch the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Rene Maidana on live streaming here including the Mayweather vs Maidana fight results, Mayweather vs Maidana Replay Video, and Mayweather vs Maidana live stream. Here we go for the second time around fight for the Mayweather vs Maidana on September 13, 2014 available at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA onShowtime PPV / RPC Channel 4 / Main Event. Watch live here for this main event.

UPDATE: Mayweather wins via UD!

Watch the live streaming of MAyweaqther vs Maidana HERE: (Please activate the VLC player browser plug-in:

Who's your pick for this fight for the second time? Here's the complete card of the fight: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Marcos Rene Maidana Leo Santa Cruz vs. Manuel Roman Miguel Vazquez vs. Mickey Bey Humberto Soto vs. John Molina Alfredo Angulo vs. James De la Rosa In their first encounter, the unheralded Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs) nearly accomplished something many fans thought impossible—beating pound-for-pound great Floyd Mayweather (46-0, 26 KOs) in a boxing bout. The fearless Argentine refused to accept that Mayweather existed on another planet and was somehow intrinsically better than everyone else in the sport. For this second time of the fight will be much more exciting the first fight.

The main event begins, around 11 p.m. ET, check out our Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 live blog for live round-by-round updates. Tonight's the night, as Floyd Mayweather meets Marcos Maidana for a second time in Las Vegas. Also, watch out for the fight stream on live that will be posted right through here. Floyd Mayweather faces Marcos Maidana in a rematch tonight.

If he wins as expected, where does he go in 2015? And will next year be his last in the sport? What do you think? It would be still Floyd Mayweather is facing an opponent who gave him trouble once, but is still the heavy betting favorite for tomorrow night's rematch with Marcos Maidana. Floyd Mayweather Jr will be better prepared for his welterweight championship superfight rematch against Marcos Maidana. Maidana made it a very rough and rugged fight the first time around, in a May bout billed as 'The Moment', and showed Floyd no respect. That was his game plan, to go in there and treat him like he was a nobody and in a way it definitely worked for him because he gave Floyd a tough fight especially in the early half of the fight.

It would be a great fight this week. At first, many fans think mayweather vs maidana was a joke the first time around and will be this time too so it got its due regard. the only fights that make sense from a boxing perspective are mayweather vs pacman and mayweather vs khan. thurman, porter, garcia all overrated and even our brook showed that people like you enable this farce just like all the young drone american boxing fans that seem to enjoy mayweather taking them for another calculated pointless ppv ride where he makes his opponents wear pillow gloves. I also wondered, if Pacquaio was the one WHO ISN'T SCARED and WANTS THE FIGHT, why did he never come out publically and say 'Floyd come and fight me and stop being chicken. Give the world the fight they want to see. I will submit to your testing. I will give you 60/40.

I am publically calling you out. Your move.' He has mentioned in some YouTube interview he is ready and wants the fight but he never publically challenged Mayweather. Which is what boxers are supposed to do. It is part of the sport. Traditionally it was anyway. Mayweather as a boxer has skills, as a person I can't stand him. He's obnoxious, full of himself and talks shit as only niggers do. We have to keep in mind that judges, refs, showtime, Vegas, ppv, and boxing are all milking the cow. Why would they give a decision to Maidana when Mayweather feeds them all and he generates millions. That is why he is undefeated not just because of his skill. This post is under the Mayweather Jr vs Maidana 2 live streaming, live stream Mayweather Jr vs Maidana 2, Mayweather Jr vs Maidana 2 fight results, Mayweather Jr vs Maidana 2 video rpelay and highlights September 13, 2014 and more updates of Mayweather Jr vs Maidana 2.

Watch the video replay here:

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