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Bagito 12/4/14 - December 4, 2014 There hasn't been easy rejuvenation process for the TV prime publicly memorizing Bagito. This is what we see from the ABS-CBN movie series in prime time bida as well as Bagito live streaming, Bagito full video replay, and abs-cbn Bagito live streaming tv replay. Bagito is a 2014 Philippine melodrama television series based on the Wattpad series of the same title by Noreen Capili. Directed by Onat Diaz and Jojo A. Saguin, it is topbilled by Nash Aguas, Alexa Ilacad and Ella Cruz. The series premiered on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on December 4, 2014.


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Main Characters
Nash Aguas as Andrew "Drew" Alvarez
Alexa Ilacad as Camille "Mac" Lorenzo
Ella Cruz as Vanessa

Supporting Characters
Angel Aquino as Raquel Alvarez
Agot Isidro as Sylvia Lorenzo
Ariel Rivera as Gilbert Alvarez
Alexander Diaz as Ralph
John Bermundo as Vince
Joaquin Reyes as Warren
Brace Arquiza as Toffer
Grae Fernandez as Carlo
Paolo Santiago as Jerrick
Kristel Fulgar
Amy Nobleza
Wendy Villacorta
Marco Pingol

Extended Characters
Lollie Mara
Nick Lizaso
Lui Manansala
Art Acuña
Marvin Yap
Gee Canlas
Marnie Lapus
Chinie Concepcion

This is the new day of Bagito. The new series is based on the Wattpad novel by Noreen Capili, who is also behind the equally popular "My App Boyfie." The latter has been adapted as a "Wansapanatym" miniseries about a girl whose ideal boyfriend comes to life through a mysterious app.

The term "Bagito," is came from the word "bulilit" or "bagets" or something that is not matured yet when it comes to love. It reportedly under the direction of Onat Diaz, is the first TV series to be top-billed by Aguas and Ilacad, both former cast members of the kiddie gag show "Goin' Bulilit." It was directed by Onat Diaz, "Bagito" is the first TV series starring Aguas and Ilacad in lead roles. Both were former cast members of the kiddie gag show "Goin' Bulilit."

Yay for Nash! Well-deserved & long overdue for him!!! It's about time he leads his own teleserye! Why not?! He's proven he can act & he is very versatile & charming. This teleserye concept waited for him!

Aside from Nash and Alexa, completing the powerhouse cast of “Bagito” are Kapamilya teen star Ella Cruz and veteran actors Agot Isidro, Ariel Rivera, and Angel Aquino. Also in the series are Paolo Santiago, Alex Diaz, and the members of the rising boy group Gimme 5 Joaquin Reyes, John Bermundo, Grae Fernandez, and Brace Arquia It is directed by Onat Diaz and Jojo Saguin.

How will Drew’s newly born child change his life and the lives of his loved ones? Is he ready to leave his childhood behind and face the difficulties of being a young father? How will Drew’s parents help and guide him as he enters the “real world?”

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