Board Licensure Examination For Professional Teachers


1. The name " Felipinas" was given to the territory that Spain later colonized by: C.A - d
                  a. Magellan                                                c. Urdaneta
                  b. Legaspi                                                  d. Villalobos
2. The Spaniards established a centralize government in the Philippines. The head of the government was called: C.A - d
                  a. Encomendero                                         c. Gobernadorcillo
                  b. Alcalde Mayor                                       d. Gobernor-General
3. When Rizal return to the Philippines after his second travel abroad, he decided to organized a socio-civic organization. This was the: C.A- b
                  a. Propaganda Movement                          c. Katipunan
                  b. La Liga Filipina                                     d. Assosacion Hispano-Filipino
4. The event that implicated the 3 priest Burgos, Gomez, and Zaqmora which resulted to their execution was the:    C.A- a
                  a. Cavity Mutiny                                        c. Ilocos Rebellion
                  b. Cry of Pugadlawin                                 d. Bacoor Massacre
5. Which of the following were the famous triumvirate of the Propaganda Movement?  C.A - c
                  a. Jose Rizal, Juan Luna, Marcelo Del Pilar
                  b. Jose Rizal, Graciano Lopez Jaena, Gregorio Del Pilar
                  c. Jose Rizal, Marcelo Del Pilar, Graciano Lopez Jaena
                  d. Jose Rizal, Juan Luna, Graciano Lopez Jaena
6. As per the agreement in the Pact of Biac-na-bato, Emilio Aguinaldo was given to go into exile in:  C.A- b
                  a. Guam                                                      c. Singapore
                  b. Hongkong                                               d. Dapitan
7. The Thomasites who taught in schools in the early part of American colonization were:   C. A- a
                  a. Trained American Teachers                    c. American Protestants Ministry
                  b. American Soldiers                                  d. American Officials
8. The combined Filipino and American forces during the Japanese invasion was:   C.A- c
                  a. Hukbalahap Movement                           c. USAFFE
                  b. Allied Powers                                          d. Philippine Constabulary
9. The first Filipino appointed by the Americans as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:    C.A- b
                  a. Jose Abad Santos                                     c. Gregorio Araneta
                  b. Cayetano Arellano                                   d. Sergio Osmeña
10. The Japanese military police was called:   C.A- d
                  a. Kalibapi                                                    c. Imperial Diet
                  b. Hukbalahap                                              d. Kempetai
11.The greatest contribution of the Americans to the Philippine was:   C.A- b
                  a. Freedom of Worship                                 c. Scientific Health Programs
                  b. The Public School System                        d. Parity Rights
12. The earliest form of government of the Filipino was?     C.A- b
                  a. Pueblo                                                       c. Encomienda
                  b. Barangay                                                   d. Alcaldia
13. The one who colonized the Philippines for the Spaniards was?  C.A- c
                  a. Columbos                                                  c. Legazpi
                  b. Magellan                                                   d. Pigafetta
14. Ferdinand Magellan was killed by Lapu-Lapu's men in the ?   C.A- b
                  a. Battle of Manila Bay                                c. Battle of Cebu
                  b. Battle of Mactan                                      d. Battle of Limasawa
15. World War II in the Philippines ended when the Japanese Surrendered after the bombing of :   C.A- b
                 a. Bataan and Corregidor                             c. Tokyo and Kyoto
                 b.Hiroshima and Nagasaki                           d. Pearl Harbor
16. The founder of Katipunan was?   C.A- a
                 a. Andres Bonifacio                                      c. Emilio Aguinaldo
                 b. Jose Rizal                                                  d. Emilio Jacinto
17. Emilio Aguinaldo declared the independence of the Philippines in Kawit, Cavite on ?     C.A- b
                 a. July 4, 1946                                               c. July 4, 1898
                 b. June 12, 1898                                            d. August 25, 1896
18. Jose Rizal was considered the National Hero because of his efforts to bring about reforms in the lives of Filipinos through his works in the?   C.A- b
                 a. Katipunan                                                  c. La Liga Filipina
                 b. Propaganda Movement                             d. 1896 Revolution
19. What title was given to the head of the centralized government established by the Spaniards in the Philippines?   C.A- d
                 a. Corregidor                                                  c. Gobernadorcillo
                 b. Encomendero                                             d. Governor General
20. During Worl War II, the Filipino-American forces last defense against the Japanese took place in:  C.A- b
                 a. Bataan                                                        c. Manila
                 b. Corregidor                                                 d. Tarlac


1. Humanism of Ancient period was associated with this group of people who valued so much man's capacity for excellence:   C.A- d
                 a. Russians                                                     c. Romans
                 b. Asians                                                        d. Greeks
2. Each country had a particular title given to its ruler. Which country used Czar to its rule?   C.A- c
                 a. Persia                                                          c. Russia
                 b. Romans                                                       d. Prussia
3.which among the following is not a feature of feudalism?   C.A- c
                 a. Homage                                                       c. Mercantilism
                 b. Chivalry                                                      d. Fiefs
4. In the 21st Century, which region in the world is expected to assert its superiority or will take center stage in world affairs?  C.A- c
                 a. USA                                                             c. Asia
                 b. Europe                                                         d. Africa
5. Globalization is being advocate in this century. Which among the following areas is not given priority in this movement?   C.A- c
                 a. Economy                                                      c. Religion
                 b. Culture                                                         d. Communication
6. The following are means of imperialistic control except?   C.A- b
                 a. Sphere of Influence                                      c. Settlement
                 b. Concession                                                   d. Colonization
7.Which language was considered the universal language by the Christian church in the Middle Age ?  C.A- c
                 a. French                                                           c. Latin
                 b. German                                                         d. Spanish
8. Russia advocated communism under Lenin. Which among the following is not advocated by communism?   C.A- b
                 a. Rule of proletariat                                         c. Rule of workers group
                 b. Private ownership of property                      d. Collectivism
9. Which region was referred to as the " seat of civilization"?  C.A- c
                 a. Europe                                                           c. Asia
                 b. Africa                                                            d. America
10. The famous philosopher known for his statement " do not do unto others what you do not want other done unto you".    C.A- d
                 a. Aristotle                                                        c. Socrates
                 b. Mencius                                                        d. Confucius
11. When we consider the famous Fall of Rome in 476 A.D., we refer to the destruction of     C.A- d
                 a. The entire Roman Empire
                 b. The fall of Eastern Roman Empire
                 c. The fall of the Roman City
                 d. The fall of the Western Roman Empire
12. Reformation was the movement which work for changes or reform in the Christian Church. This movement was initiated by ?   C.A- d
                 a. Wycliff                                                          c. Christian Church
                 b. Protestants                                                    d. Martin Luther
13.  Which countries were referred to as the Allied Powers in World War II?   C.A- b
                 a.  USA, Russia, France, England
                 b. France, England, USSR, USA
                 c. England, France, China, Russia
                 d.  Russia, England, USA, France
14. Julius Ceasar faced a critical decision in his career when he said " the die is cast". The decision had to do with ,         C.A- b
                 a. Invasion of Gaul                                            c.Conquest of Egypt
                 b. Crossing the Rubicon                                    d. Assume the consulship
15. A very rigid social system in India where belonging to a certain class were not allowed to mingled or intemarry with another class level     C.A- b
                 a. Brahmanistic System                                    c.  Hinduistic System
                 b.  Caste System                                               d. Reincarnation


1. It is that definite portion of the earth's surface which is the subject of sovereignty rights and interests. From the political standpoint, it is referred to as :     C.A - d
                 a. State                                                               c. Sovereignty
                 b. Government                                                   d. Territory
2. It is the department which has the authority to make laws, alter or repeal them.   C.A- d
                 a. Administrative Department                            c. Judicial Department   
                 b. Executive Department                                    d. Legislative Department
3. It advantage is that it serves as the training ground for the national leaders        C.A- a
                 a. Bicameralism                                                  c. Primary  Jurisdiction
                 b. Constitutional                                                 d. Parents patriae
4. The term of office of the Senator           C.A- c
                 a. One year                                                          c. Six Years
                 b.  Three Years                                                    d. Twelve Years
5.  The power to declare the existence of a state of war belongs to:        C.A- a
                 a. Congress                                                         c. Sandigang Bayan
                 b. President                                                         d. Supreme Court
6. The regular election of the members of Congress shall be held on the second Monday of :    C.A- b
                 a. April                                                                c. June
                 b. May                                                                 d. July
7. The members of the Commission on appointment shall be composed of:       C.A- c
                a. 24                                                                     c. 25
                b. 26                                                                     d.27
8. All appropriation, revenue or traffic bills etc. shall originate exclusively in the :     C.A- a
                a. House of Representatives                                 c. Senate
                b.  Sangguniang Panglalawigan                           d. Supreme Court
9. An enrolled bill may become law after a lapse of     C.A- a
                a. 30 days                                                              c. 40 days
                b. 60 days                                                              d. 90 days
10. The canvassing of the votes of the President shall be done by congress and preside by :    C.A- a
               a. Chief justice                                                        c. Ombudsman
               b. Secretary of National Defense                            d. Vice President
11. The constitution empowers the President to declare Martial Law for      C.A- b
               a.30 days                                                                 c. 45 days
               b. 60 days                                                                d. 90 days
12. It refers to the act of the President of staying execution of a convict.     C.A- d
              a. Amnesty                                                               c. Commutation
              b. Pardon                                                                  d. Reprieve
13. It is also called a Tanod Bayan         C.A- b
              a.  Court of Appeals                                                  c. Sandiganbayan
              b. Ombudsman                                                          d. Supreme Court
14. The change of venue or place of trial can be ordered for this reason    C.A- d
              a. Lack of Jurisdiction                                               c. Convenience
              b. humanitarian Reason                                             d. Avoid miscarriage of justice
15. The 1987 Constitution was framed by         C.A- c
              a. People's initiative                                                  c. Constitutional Commission
              b. Constitutional Assembly                                       d. Constitutional Convention


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