Mike Tyson VS Muhammad Ali

The title of this article might mislead some of the people if there is an upcoming matchup between these two boxers! All the dies hard fans and follower of boxing would easily understand that it is not quite possible to arrange a boxing match between them. These two boxers hail from different eras and due to the present circumstances, it would just not be possible to have a boxing match between them.

However, fights and matches are not always held inside boxing rings. There are other aspects of sports personalities, that are comparable and that are what separates them from each other. In this article, we are going to compare the life and times of two of the greatest boxers of all times and we would try to find out what separates a great boxer from a legend.

To begin with, let us first have a look at the sport of boxing. Boxing is one of the few sports around, which is quite close to a real fight. There are millions of people around the world who follow the sport of boxing passionately and some of them even do it religiously. At the same time, we can also find lots of people who are very critical about this sport.
We would not like to debate about the ethics behind the sport of boxing because that would take us away from the main topic of discussion of this article. So, we would just simply and briefly analyze the sport of boxing and then come back to our main topic of this question which is – which characteristic/s separates a great boxer from becoming a legend.

An introduction to Boxing

The sport of boxing follows certain rules of fight. The aim is to hit the opponent and knock him out while following the rules of the game. If a match does not get over within the prescribed time limit, then the boxer, who has more hits count, wins the fight. This calculation is done by set up panel of umpires on the basis of voting. So, we can say that boxing is about the art of fighting.

What separates an ordinary boxer from an extraordinary one?

Contrary to visiting online Philippines Casinos, boxing is a very realistic and quite uncomfortable sport!
In order to excel in the sport of boxing, one requires to concentrate on his moves. At the same time, he also needs to keep a close watch at the moves of his opponent. One needs to be agile, quick and reflective in order to strike the opponent and to avoid striking at him. One also requires a balance of power and timing. Finally, in order to sustain the fight and to last as winner, the fighter needs to have a strong will and a tremendous stamina. Therefore, in order to become a great boxer, one is required to have all the features or an ability to develop these traits through hard work and strong determination.

Tyson Vs. Ali

Now coming back to the main topic, two of the greatest Boxers of their Era Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali have had a great life as a fighter but very different personal lives. While both of the boxes are known for the sheer power and passion for the sport of Boxing, while Mohammad Ali's life has been neat and adorable, Mike Tyson has suffered more than one misfortune and has lived a very controversial life.

Most of the fans of boxing and people who follow and understand this sport would not have any doubt of framing Muhammad Ali as a legendary boxer. However, though lots of people would acclaim Mike Tyson as one of the greatest Boxers of all time, and some might even call him a living Legend, not many people would rate him higher than Muhammad Ali.

It seems that the controversial personal life of Mike Tyson has drastically affected his career and his legacy but the argument of a better boxer does not end here. Even if we keep the personal lives of both boxes apart, and analyze them solely on their professional life as fighters, till, Mohammed Ali scores on Mike Tyson at most of the fronts.

It’s all about the sportsmen spirit…!

At the end of the day, a great boxer and a legend are separated from their spirit. Some people might wonder why sportsmen spirit becomes so important and is even considered the ultimate achievement in a sport. What is that feature in sportsmanship or sportsman spirit that makes millions of people adore a sports person, or any other personality for that matter and make him a legend?

Well, the answer of this question is a bit philosophical. Though at surface level, it might look that two people are fighting in a boxing ring to win in a match, but deep down, they are actually fighting with themselves. They are fighting with their anger. They are trying to control their anger and to give it the right direction. They are trying to conquer their own drawbacks and shortcomings and boxing and or any other sport, (or any other sphere of life for that matter), is just a medium to achieve that target. Therefore, Mohammed Ali is a better boxer then Mike Tyson simply because he has been able to improve much more than Mike Tyson, which is quite evident in the way he lived his life.


Mike Tyson was latest traced living a very peaceful life. He was found feeding pigeons and living more or less alone. This is yet another phase that comes in life of every person. This is also sign of improvement at his level. Therefore, we can also expect Mike Tyson evolving as the Legend in the coming years, provided he is honestly able to sustain this improvement and find the true spirit within himself.
We hope that you enjoyed the interesting analysis that we made in this article. If you would like to share your views through comments, then we would be very happy. We await your response with interest.

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